After the Plagues

From out of the Desolation, the Undead are coming. The have spread across the lands of Ansalon, crushing, killing, converting.

The dragons are diminished, the gods of Krynn fled long ago. The humans and demi-humans have been pressed back into a few regions, the undead hordes constantly pushing the human and elf kingdoms back…

The Dragons have been pushed back by the a stronger race of giants. They are the ones who caused the gods of Krynn to flee. All hope is not lost however, A new Pantheon has come to give succor and aid to the good races of the world. Odin, the All-Father, whose presence and power had diminished on Earth after the coming of the White Christ severed the Bifrost connection to earth and redirected it to the lands of Ansalon.

That was almost five centuries ago.

The emperor has called a meeting of the Lords of the land. You are Part of that meeting. He believes that there are certain artifacts that will aid the cause of Men, and he desires a party of lords to go find them.

After the Plagues

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